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Nergali psi beta2 thread closed?
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Again the beta thread has been locked with no mention of why.

My hope is that means PSI 3b3 is coming.
Please, we beg of you, don't just close the beta threads until the new one is up. Else you end up with so many useless and locked threads about the beta.

If needs be lock this thread too, but at least tell us what's up. Since PSI isn't even scanned by psi (that I can find, no searchbox makes that a PITA BTW) and even when it was (in PSI 2.x) updates were never flagged, the Threads let us know when you have updated it. Most of us are not regualr goers to this forum and watch that thread for news. As the Forum has no RSS and there is no Beta download (or any download) RSS There's no way for us to know that maybe the next iteration is out and somewhat functional.


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This user no longer exists RE: psi beta2 thread closed?
Secunia Official 3rd May, 2012 09:07
Threads are automatically locked after a period of 7 days without activity. You are of course welcome to create a new thread. You can also write to and ask us to unlock the beta-thread.

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