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Expatrice47 PSI 3 Betas Suggestion
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Tried both beta versions of PSI 3 and have since reverted to using PSI 2 chiefly because as an advanced user PSI 2 remains a superior product to the proposed PSI 3 versions. Deducing that the main issues raised in the forum with PSI3 betas is the simplified interface and the loss of control over the updating and scanning features I would strongly recommend that the Secunia PSI development team actively seek to preserve the full features of PSI 2 and also offer a simplified interface for less advanced users as this is Secunia's objective.
It would seems that incorporating a default "simple" user interface such as the one used with PSI 3 beta 2 with an "advanced or expert" user interface which could be selected from an option/preference menu and would consist of the full features of PSI 2 would certainly go a long way in satisfying the community.
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This user no longer exists RE: PSI 3 Betas Suggestion
Member 3rd May, 2012 10:19

Thank you for your feedback.

The feedback of our users and customers is considered when planning the future of the PSI.

As you may have noticed, we have already added a significant amount of the features found in PSI 2.x to the 3.x Beta 2 release, and we are planning to add even more.

Which features will be added depends on user feedback.

Hope this helps.
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