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craigsn Feature request
Member 12th May, 2012 23:04
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I would like PSI to output the list of installed applications, so that when I need to reformat my PC and reinstall Windows, I just save the PSI application output list to some safe place, thumbdrive, cloud, etc. Then after installing windows, I install PSI, then load the list of my previously installed applications. At that point, I step thru all of them, and select whether I want them to be automatically installed now.

I think it is a killer feature request.

This user no longer exists RE: Feature request
Member 14th May, 2012 10:42

Thank you for your suggestion.

There is already a third-party site that does this. Keep in mind, however, that this site is not endorsed or supported by Secunia in any way. I cannot promise anything about this site at all: I just personally find it useful. The domain is and you can use it at your own risk. This is not an endorsement.

Although it may be a bit out of the scope of the PSI, we do have a way of exporting a list of currently-installed applications in the PSI 2.0.

To do this, go to Configuration - Settings - API and click "Create PSI API Token". Here, you can choose a name and which information the API should provide access to. You can then access all installed programs in XML format.

Hope this helps.
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