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arbortender PSI is not respecting my default browser
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PSI never had any trouble opening Firefox, but now that I've made Chrome my default browser, PSI has decided that no, Internet Explorer is the one. I disagree. I read this: as directed in a previous thread. In regedit, I found the pertinent key pointed at chrome, but not precisely as advised in that faq, so I adjusted my registry to the setting advised for chrome. Though I've never had IE as my default browser, PSI is still driving IE when I attempt to manually update programs that PSI does not seem to be updating on its own (Pidgin & Adobe programs). IE is on my rig, but I don't want to use it & I don't want PSI to use it either, unless its updating from Windows Update...which should not happen either, since I have Windows set to update itself. Please advise.

Anthony Wells RE: PSI is not respecting my default browser
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Hi ,

I think support would be best placed to respond/help further ; as they have not responded here , I would suggest you contact them by email at tomorrow (CET) if they (or Maurice Joyce) have not appeared by then .

Whilst waiting and you have time to waste , if you are sure that Chrome is set "everywhere" as your default and that IE is not specified "anywhere" , you may want to try setting your different browsers to default within the programme itself , in the "internet connection settings" and the Registry (the latter being entirely at your own risk). If you are in any doubt , wait for Secunia support to respond .

EDIT: my PSI selects my default Ff fine , my Chromes are Canary and the Dev Channel so I never select them and IE8 is only used for manual M$ updates (using IE Tab in Ff). Why not reset Ff if you can ; it is easier to use/regulate for reading the hard to see websites - like Secunia's .

Let us know how you get on .



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