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Fulvio OpenOffice 3.4 is out!
Member 20th May, 2012 01:21
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Secunia let me know that there was a security update for OpenOffice.
I, finally, got it after nearly 24 hrs. of struggling.
The download from Secunia did nothing, when I clicked on it. It was 89 MB of the supposed 145. I went to the program itself, and, true to form, it told me that there were no updates.
The Secunia fix was only to let Secunia know that there was an update, no other purpose.
I went to, and it was all excited about OO 3.4. I started the download, and it stopped at 20 MB, but, at least it had the OO icon, unlike that download through Secunia. So, I dumped that partial download, and, finally, the entire 145 MB were downloaded.
After unpacking, and all sort of other steps, the installation was completed. And, rescanning made Secunia happy. Once again no insecure programs, but if anyone is having problem, do it again.
It may be a problem without high speed internet, but there is no other trick.
This time it is a real thing, and not an artificial one, as it has been before.

delraybuzz RE: OpenOffice 3.4 is out!
Member 22nd May, 2012 05:04
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I finally downloaded two files of Open Office, but neither one is from a known publisher, and I cannot scan them by right clicking. They also inform my I do not have "permission" to download as I am not the Administrator (although it does show I am the "owner") Also, for some reason, the original application went to Firefox, not Internet Explorer. When I clicked the green symbol for update, the small window claimed searching for update was unsuccessful as it "Could not establish network connection to" I was online the entire time, without success in updating. I'm ready to delete the program and download it tomorrow from the original website! This seems absurd to me as I AM the Administrator and only user of this laptop! Is the problem Vista Home Premium, or the Open Office website? I have Vista 32, IE 9, Firefox

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