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tguerrette 3.0 beta issues with iTunes and Quicktime
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Running PSI 3.0 Beta and neither iTunes or QuickTime would update using the auto-update in the client.

iTunes downloaded the incorrect version (x86 version on x64 version of Windows) and the QuickTime version would not install and it stopped the Apple Software Updater from being able to patch QuickTime as well. I had to manually download the MSI and patch iTunes and QuickTime myself.

I would also like a way to cancel or skip the "update" loop which can be caused in the PSI 3.0 client for certain packages. We also need a way to acknowledge an old package and let PSI show "green" for the machine vs. "red."

Anthony Wells RE: 3.0 beta issues with iTunes and Quicktime
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Hi ,

The problems/aggravations/time wasting which is caused by the "absolute" silence of the Secunia silent (SPS) installers in both the "auto" and manual solution selections in thePSI is becoming a recurrent theme ; particularly the non/incorrect display of proffered versions (including OS) , an installation progress (or lack of) display and the inability to stick one's finger into the spinning cogs to correct mistakes in 3Beta . Version 2.0.x of the PSI does give better data and allow more tampering , but too many problems are still inherent to recommend either SPS in general or the 3Beta in particular , atm .

Secunia support should be aware of these criticisms but it is a long time since they last commented (not unusual for Secunia) ; annoying , but patience is (supposedly) a virtue until it runs too thin .

Take care



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