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pauley76 Installing Secunia solution download for Shockwave
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1, Secunia found a security patch was needed for Shockwave apap.
2. Secunia provided download to fix the problem with Shockwave.
3. Secunia's download would not install. Tried several times, no results.
4. Went online to to find solution.
5. Had to uninstall my Shockwave, then reinstall it.

Now why won't Secunia provide proper downloaded patiches to fix securities problems with Adobe programs?

Anthony Wells RE: Installing Secunia solution download for Shockwave
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Hi ,

Secunia's silent installer system (SPS) does not give you any indication whether it is working or not and when/if it has finished it's job . This might be fine if you have selected "auto-updating" but is a real pain when you elect to run the silent installer manually .

The only way to know if the update has correctly taken place is to run a scan - Secunia have not made it clear whether that is a programme rescan or a full system scan ; in the PSI 3Beta you get no choice , run a full scan to see if the update has worked . In the PSI 2.0.x , you might get a pop-up showing a programme file change but that might take some considerable time to appear (believe me) , so is not necessarily helpful if you blink .

I personally will continue to use the programme's internal update system or visit the vendor's website as my chosen options when patching . I personally consider the SPS is someway away from general use recommendations in the PSI .

Secunia have not commented recently on these inconsistencies .

Take care



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