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Salihb Changelog for PSI 3 Beta 3
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Hi, where do i find the latest changelog for PSI v3? Don't you have a webpage where i can check back regularly for updates?

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mogs RE: Changelog for PSI 3 Beta 3
Member 31st May, 2012 09:14
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The Changelog for psi versions can be found here :-

Psi 3 Beta is not yet included.
Changes are oft preceded by an "announcement" on the forum to Beta testers.


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Maurice Joyce RE: Changelog for PSI 3 Beta 3
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Notifications of releases direct from Secunia can be achieved in various ways:

1. By searching the Forum - not ideal for most users of PSI.

2. By setting up a RSS Feed to the Secunia Blog - details here:

3. Setting up a page watch via

This page should be used to trigger the update email

4. By setting up a Group Mailing notification system to BETA testers from your Contacts list.

Details of the changes made to each version to date are here:

* Result view now shows all detected programs
* Detailed view of detected programs (versions, installation paths, and ability to open its folder)
* Setting to enable/disable "Auto Updates"
* Setting to enable/disable "Start on Boot"
* Suggest software
* Slightly tweaked design
* Secunia System Score
* Various bug fixes

* Secunia Profile / Community Forum Integration
* Added History log
* Added Ignore Rules
* Ability to select drives to scan
* Various bug fixes and design improvements


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Nergali RE: Changelog for PSI 3 Beta 3
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I've set up what should be an public RSS feed using the method
Once there is a change I'll know if it is public or not and will share it if it is
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