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Mynah Bird Adobe Flash Player
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I've just updated both my Active X and Plug-in versions of Adobe Flash Player to version 11.3.300.257 and both versions show up in my control panel list of installed programs. However, only the latest Active X version showed up when I just ran a Secunia scan. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit and using PSI 2.

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Maurice Joyce RE: Adobe Flash Player
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That has happened before - Secunia do not normally work at weekends therefore if manual intervention is required by them it will not happen before Monday.

I also note that this update does not clear this SA in the Secure Browsing Section.


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Anthony Wells RE: Adobe Flash Player
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Hi ,

Firefox advised me of the update , but the PSI 3Beta 3 scan run just now does not show either the Flash Player ActiveX or NPAPI plug-ins as vulnerable - it may not do so before Monday .

AIR is not showing as insecure , but should also be updated . as per :-

and the security bulletin :-

EDIT : A full scan with the PSI 3Beta 3 now displays only the updated Flash 11.3.x ActiveX version with a single entry in "show details" ; there is no NPAPI plug-in display . AIR continues to display the old 3.2.x version as being up to date (after the 3.3.x. installation)

Take care



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