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soksavik PSI 2.0 - Secure Browsing tab detects disabled plugins
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The Secure Browsing tab in PSI lists all plugins installed for a given browser. However, it does not distinguish between enabled and disabled plugins, at least in Firefox. For example, I'm told Firefox is not secure for browsing because of an unpatched Flash vulnerability -- even though I disabled the Flash plugin in Firefox (indeed, for exactly that reason.)

Anthony Wells RE: PSI 2.0 - Secure Browsing tab detects disabled plugins
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Hi ,

What you have described is the normal behaviour of PSI detection and display . It tells you which software is actually installed on your computer and will ferret around trying to see as much as it can ; however , it only picks up the metadata it needs to detect the presence and it's installation pathway :eg: a programme's verion number contained in the .exe file (or similar) . What it does not (in almost all situations) is detect any workarounds which modify the availability of the software to attack by the bad guys :eg: disabling a plug-in .

The "secure browsing" is kept for advanced users so as not to "worry" the average user over why a "secure/fully patched" piece of software may still contain unpatched vulnerabilities and there is "nothing" that she/he can do to "patch" them ; knowledge and workarounds being a separate issue .

Hope that is clear enuff ; if not ask again .

Take care



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