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keith1937 Java, Secunia & Maurice
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Tonight 14th June Secunia told me I had a concern with Java and no matter what I tried the concern would not go away.

Some time back I remember Maurice giving me some advice about programs like that.

I went in to Add & Remove and removed two Java programs

I knew what Java I had to install (thanks to Secunia) I found it via Google.

That program directed me to the correct download.

I "Ran" it followed all instructions, re started the computer gave it the OK.

Same thing when I turned on Internet Explorer.

I ran Update Checker all OK.

I ran Secunia all OK

Thank you Maurice for all your help in the past

Maurice Joyce RE: Java, Secunia & Maurice
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Pleased to see U are OK.

Oracle are very clear that only the current version should be installed by those requiring JAVA as follows:

Should I uninstall older versions of Java?

We highly recommend users uninstall all older versions of Java from your system.
Keeping old and unsupported versions of Java on your system presents a serious security risk.
Uninstalling older versions of Java from your system ensures that Java applications will run with the most up-to-date security and performance improvements on your system.

This little snippet might also help regarding JAVA & other security issues.

Brian Krebs is well known in security circles. If U want keeping up to date particularly with regards to Adobe "freebies" (Flash - AIR - Shockwave - Reader for example), Microsoft or Oracle JAVA then U can sign up.

This is his submission for "Microsoft Patch Tuesday" for this month which I received before Microsoft released the updates.

They are all "easy reads" with comments sections if required.

If U read the articles U will note many hyperlinks which have helpful information & download links.

If interested U will see the RSS Feed button (top right) if U use feeds or can subscribe by email (right hand side - may need to scroll a bit).

Hope this helps.


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