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Jack42 Python 3.2 marked as insecure
Member 17th Jun, 2012 12:27
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When I scanned my system today it showed that Python 3.3x(64-bit) was marked as insecure. I updated it but it is still marked as insecure and therefore not fixing the problem.

Here's the details from PSI:

Program Name:
Python 3.2.x(64-bit)

Security State:

Download Link

Instances Found:
C:\Programme Files (x86)/Blender/python32.dll
C:\Programme Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/python32.dll

Last System Scan (localtime):
17. Jun 2012, 11:07

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 7


- Jack


ddmarshall RE: Python 3.2 marked as insecure
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Blender obviously has its own copy of the Python runtime in its files. Installing Pyhon will not affect that. A new version of Blender with an updated runtime would fix it.

If Secunia see this, they may modifiy their rules so that you no longer get this alert.

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Agapanthus RE: Python 3.2 marked as insecure
Member 17th Jun, 2012 19:32
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Same problem here. Has been around for some days now.

With me too, the Blender DLL remained in place and is therefore still being flagged by PSI. I installed the latest version of Blender but this did not solve the problem. Did not find any information on the website as to how to update the Python DLL either. So I guess we'll have to wait for Secunia (or the Blender developers) to realise that there is a problem here.
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Maurice Joyce RE: Python 3.2 marked as insecure
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As stated above it is a false positive.

If U have installed Python & do not require that programme it can be safely uninstalled as it will not fix this issue.

In case they miss this thread I will ask Secunia Support to adjust their database for U.


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E.Jeppesen RE: Python 3.2 marked as insecure
Secunia Official 18th Jun, 2012 09:12
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A full system rescan with the PSI should now fix the issue. Thank you for reporting it.

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