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MGatehouse Secunia PSI suddenly devalued
Member 23rd Jun, 2012 20:06
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It's such a shame: Secunia PSI has been a wonderful, really useful program which allowed me with very little effort to keep all my software up-to-date. I have used it for almost 3 years. I've watched, with some concern, the feature-creep which afflicts so much good software. Now, with 'automatic updating' PSI has suddenly, over the last two months, become a recurrent source of frustration --to the point where I now find it almost unusable:

* the program works in the background, completes scans, etc. But when I attempt to view the scans, to identify problem software, 90% of the time the program hangs at 'Verifying internet connection' and I cannot view the scan results

* the SPS installation packages install at irregular and unpredictable times and frequently hang. I infinitely prefer an install process I can control at times that suit me.

* if I attempt to download and install updates from the software suppliers, it seems that they sometimes conflict with PSI's SPS downloads --at any rate I have noticed more failed update installations.

What gives? Why ruin a wonderful software program with bells and whistles which don't work?

This user no longer exists RE: Secunia PSI suddenly devalued
Member 23rd Jun, 2012 22:57
Same here. I would add that PSI allows apps to reboot without asking the user. I couldn't uninstall PSI fast enough.
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steffens RE: Secunia PSI suddenly devalued
Member 29th Jun, 2012 03:44
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After PSI autoupdate trashed a couple of updates, making more work for me than if I had simply done a manual update myself, I turned off that feature permanently. And I stopped using PSI's updaters entirely when one of them gave me a UK version of Firefox instead of a US version.

You could try doing your updates the "old-fashioned way" too: Turn OFF autoupdates in PSI and get all your installers directly from the vendor's website. It's sometimes a royal pain, what with all the cruft some vendors insist on bundling into their "standard" installers (Adobe, Foxit... are you listening?), but other than that, this old-school technique has worked just fine for me.

-- EstherD
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