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Will.Rubin PSI 3 downloading automatically
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I'm trying the release version of PSI 3. I set PSI to NOT install updates automatically. However, it seems to download updates even if I'm not going to use PSI to install the updates. This is a real problem when I'm running on a metered connection! For example, LibreOffice is a huge download and PSI has been grinding away at it for more than an hour now when I know I'm going to be downloading and updating manually outside of PSI.

If I say don't update automatically PSI should take that to mean don't download updates either!

This user no longer exists RE: PSI 3 downloading automatically
Secunia Official 4th Jul, 2012 09:48
Last edited on 4th Jul, 2012 09:49 A bug report has been created based on your feedback. Thank you for pointing out the issue.

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