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Zocor Dutch translation?
Member 29th Jun, 2012 14:24
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Hi Secinia Crew

As a Dutch retired electronic engineer i use my spare time as a translator for a lot of software developers. I do this as a hobby and sins i mis a Dutch localized version of PSI i am willing to do the Dutch translation for you. This because i am using PSI for over a year now and am very pleased whit it. Just let me know if you take my offer.

Translation References: - copy software
avast! - Internet Security and Mobile Internet Security
Dutch Joomla! - Dutch translation community - Backup extension for Joomla
JCE Editor Joomla! - JCE editor extension - Internet Security

and a lot more....

Kind Regards,
Robert J. Klop

This user no longer exists RE: Dutch translation?
Secunia Official 4th Jul, 2012 09:29
Last edited on 4th Jul, 2012 09:30 Hi
We already have a process for how we are currently doing the PSI translation, but you are still welcome to send an email to so we can contact you if needed.

In any case I would like to thank you for your offer and your support of the Secunia PSI.

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