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DLTAZ Python27 insecure
Member 30th Jun, 2012 18:21
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A recurring problem?
The rescan solution to fixing the security vulnerabilities in the Python dll does not solve the problem because the offending dll is part of Scribus and not part of the Python programming package the solution wants to install. I updated Scribus to the latest version, rescanned and still have the error.

The following is the trouble shooting report from PSI:

Program Name:
Python 2.7.x

Security State:

Download Link:

Instances Found:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Scribus 1.4.1\python27.dll, version: 2.7.1150.1013

Last System Scan (localtime):
30. Jun 2012, 09:13

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7

Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

mogs RE: Python27 insecure
Member 30th Jun, 2012 21:41
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There was a very similar problem reported here :-
It seems to suggest that Secunia amended their detection rules in that instance......they will be back in work on Monday, when hopefully they will pick up on your predicament.


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J.Vemmer RE: Python27 insecure
Secunia Official 2nd Jul, 2012 09:32
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Please perform a full system rescan with the PSI as issue should now be resolved.

Kind regards,

Jais Vemmer
xSI Signatures Specialist
antipodes RE: Python27 insecure
Member 8th Jul, 2012 02:08
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I am continuing to receive the update alert for Python 2.7. Secunia show that Python 2.7 is appearing in one of my Cyberlink products PhotoDirector3. I contacted Cyberlink support asking for advice on how to update Python 2.7 and was told to wait for the next patch for that product. If this advice is appropriate why does Secunia keep advising that the program needs updating?

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ddmarshall RE: Python27 insecure
Dedicated Contributor 8th Jul, 2012 11:25
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The Python runtime is included in a multitude of applications. Secunia cannot possibly be aware of all of them.

If you want Secunia to amend their rules, you should post the path where PSI detects Python as was done above. To improve the chance of Support spotting your post, start your own thread in the Programs forum.

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