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Anthony Wells Learning to Iove the PSI version 3
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Hello ,

I said during early 3Beta testing of the PSI that I thought that the final version design would depend on the efficiency of the SPS silent installers and the aim of reducing the massive bad guy target of patchable insecure/vulnerable software (with known patches not workarounds available) .

Secunia seem to think that their SPS is ready for the big time and have produced PSI 3 to run on boot and to automatcally(when possible) or manually offer their SPS installers . Cutting edge technology available to us all for FREE

Target users for version 3 ?? The silent majority who are only interested in having a "safe" computer where the firewall , A/V , etc do thier job . How they do it , what they did and why is of minimal interest and thgat includes "security updaters" .

Does that include you ?? If you are reading here in the Forum this probably not .

Will there be problems ?? It's a computer , stupid (question) .

Is there a solution ?? Either go back to version 2.0 , which will (hopefully) be available and "bug supported" in the long term ; it would be terrible to lose all that extra "tecchie" stuff ,


run the PSI version 3 and see whether it really is as good as it wishes to be and when there are problems try and help those mosqt in need .

With my eyesight , I love BIG icons ; I just wish they were all available in the GUI (a lot of default/non-specific ones) and , for the nth time of asking , that the script/writing underneath the icon be in BOLD BLACK font :(((((((( .

There are real problems of CPU and RAM usage by the GUI /psi.exe process ; but the same CPU/RAM happens when my Chrome browser silently updates (very often , as I run the Dev Channel and for that reason have stopped using the Canary alongside) . On my old XP SP3 , I have learnt to leave the system to warm up and do its daily updating for 5 miutes after I boot before starting to work . I'm sure a superfast PC with W7 64 bit will take everything in it's stride .

There will be lots of other problems , the Beta was never able to autoupdate Java for me . That is a must if the new user is not to get totally lost from the start ; support failed to respond to this and other problems during Beta testing so I can only hope they have done something about it .

Finally , 3 does not encourage learning about security as such ; then again that is not everone's cup of tea .

Brekky time .

Take care



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