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0matze0 not all Programs uptodate
Member 2nd Jul, 2012 11:54
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some programs are shown as uptodate, but newer version are available over days/weeks. How can I change PSI to update to newest version without any security issues?

not detected:
Wireshark 1.8 64bit
imgburn 2.5.7
skype 5.10.114


mogs RE: not all Programs uptodate
Member 2nd Jul, 2012 12:29
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As follows is the explanation from the psi FAQ's which I hope answers your problem :-

Vendors release new versions of a program for many reasons, and many newer releases don't contain security fixes. It is important to understand that the Secunia PSI is not a general update checker, but rather a security patch checker.

The implication of this is that whenever the Secunia PSI offers you an update, that update will fix a specific, known security vulnerability.

In these cases, Secunia recommend that you read the vendor release notes to determine if you prefer to install the update or not


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MaritimeRider RE: not all Programs uptodate
Member 2nd Jul, 2012 18:36
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Mogs is correct. Just remember that you are running a security program or at least I hope you are. This protects your computer and Secunia will check for weaknesses requiring action.The upgrade only takes a few seconds.
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Maurice Joyce RE: not all Programs uptodate
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When U update a programme already on the Secunia database it does not always register if not updated for security reasons.

If this scenario happens try a full PSI rescan which may well pick it (them) up.
For example - Skype version should already be showing in your results & has done for some time.

If that fails suggest your new updated programmes to Secunia as follows:


Secunia do not accept programmes versions in ALPHA(Includes Google Canary/Dev & Mozilla Aurora) or BETA.

PSI Version 3
1. Open PSI>show programmes - U should see all your programmes listed by an icon presentation.
2. Click Add Program (top right of page)
3. Fill out the details requested & submit.

PSI Version 2

1. From the DASHBOARD page click on RESULTS.
2. On the RESULTS page look above the tab INSTALL SOLUTION & U will see a green icon & ARE YOU MISSING A PROGRAM?
3. Click it. Fill out the details requested.

PSI Version 1

2. Scroll to the bottom where U will see a link in blue ink "Program Missing? Suggest It Here!"
3. Click the link & then fill out the details in the boxes that appear(the important bit is the FILE SELECTION).
4.Click Suggest Program.

Normally,Secunia respond by email that the programme has been added to their database. A full PSI scan should reveal it.

Update 8 23:31 22/01/2012


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
IE & Edge Only
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0matze0 RE: not all Programs uptodate
Member 4th Jul, 2012 11:31
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Ok, thanks for the replay.
I got a message from Secunia to check, if https://* is in trustfull sites. And it was not. From the past there was an entry

So I will check next time, if updates are missed.

My whishes:
I would like to have a button to change secunia to update everytime to newest version. The information when I install a new version that secunia doesn't know should delivered automaticaly.

Thank you!

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