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csiaau Error Message when creating Custom Patch
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I cant publish a custom Patch. Log file shows following error:

Cannot create installable rule. Reason (d)

any suggestions?

thx in advance.

This user no longer exists RE: Error Message when creating Custom Patch
Secunia Official 6th Jul, 2012 16:14

Thank you for addressing your question here.

The error you received can be literally translated into 'missing silent parameter' or 'incorrect silent parameter'. When a package is published to WSUS, the server evaluates whether this package supports silent installation or not. If it does not, the package fails to publish.

It is likely that one of the following three scenarious are true at your package setup:

1. The package you build has insufficient script configuration (although you may have silent install options in the script, those may not be linked properly with the rest of the script)

2. The silent installation parameter for the package you build was not provided in the script.

3. At step 3 of the SPS wizard, the setting 'Make Package "AlwaysInstallable"' is disabled. This setting is obligatory for all custom packages, as it could easily be the root cause of the issue here.

I hope this helped you overcome the problem. If you would need further assistance , I would suggest you send an email to so that we can open a support case.

Best Regards / Stay Secure

/Rosen Danailov
Junior Solution Specialist
Secunia Customer Support

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