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ShanG Mozilla Firefox 13.x Downgrade To 10.x. WHY??
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Not only does Secunia PSI keep asking me to update certain Adobe products that are pay only updates, but it downgraded my Firefox from 13.x to 10.x and lost all my preferences, tabs and pinned tabs. I am not happy at all.

Why did it do this and how do I fix it AND get all my Firefox things back?

Without a suitable answer, I will be uninstalling this program and blogging about my reasons why.


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Anthony Wells RE: Mozilla Firefox 13.x Downgrade To 10.x. WHY??
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Hi ,

Support have probably gone for the weekend , so let me add to what has been said because your/this problem could reoccur .

10.x is for "organisations" and split from 11.x and later some time ago . At the time it caused a lot of problems for PSI users getting 10.x rather than 11.x., but since then all personal PSI users should get 11.x or later and not be changed back down to 10.x .

However , as well as portable versions , if you have an "old" non-default installed version of Ff in say a back up file :eg: one created by the ERUNT software - which the PSI does detect , it will likely run the installer and try to "update/downgrade" your default located browser (as you found out , the hard way) . Only problem being that the back up is not changed but the default is :((((

If you reinstall 13.x and run a PSI scan this could happen all over again ; so you need to find and either delete or create an "ignore rule" for the "old" version.

If you right click the Ff icon and select "Show Details" is there more than one entry ?? Is there more than one Ff icon ??

Which version is shown as being updated in the "History" module - link bottom left of any PSI page ??



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