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Pjottr Scan
Member 12th Jul, 2012 04:49
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Used to have 3.0 Beta and worked fine. Since recent I use the non Beta vs 3.0 the software doesn't scan automatically anymore
It means I have to scan manually.

Settings are: checked start on boot,
Checked Auto Update and checked scan selected drives.
No other settings available

My OS Win 7 Pro
Processor Intel (R)Core (TM) 2)Dual CPU E7500 2.93 Ghz 2.94 Ghz

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Secunia Official 13th Jul, 2012 14:13
PSI 3.x should scan after 7 days with no scanning completed, just like PSI 2.x. Is that not the case for your computer? Is everything else working or are you getting any kind of error messages?
Pjottr RE: Scan
Member 13th Jul, 2012 14:33
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First of all Thank you for taking time to respond to my query
I have been using secunia PSI for a long time and previous versions scanned normally.
Even the beta version 3 scanned my system and notified me when it discovered software that should be updated by showing a red or green icon
This version 3 (not beta) does not scann at all unless I manually make it scan.
Every time when I start my system the icon is red. It only turns green after a manual scan and or after a software update
There are no errors or error messages It works fine exept for the auto scan.
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