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Zottel0r 64Bit version - wrong download-path
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if you're going to update your VLC 64Bit version (Experimental) over SecuniaPSI, it will download the 32Bit version instead of 64Bit.

The link for the 64Bit version is:

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This user no longer exists RE: 64Bit version - wrong download-path
Secunia Official 16th Jul, 2012 10:09
Last edited on 16th Jul, 2012 10:10 It seems like your version of VLC Media Player is not a supported and stable release, hence it should not be detected by the PSI. Please see this FAQ for details:

If you send us a software suggestion and explain the issue (please include a link to this thread), then we can try to exclude the unstable 64 bit version of VLC Media Player from the scan results in the PSI.

To send a software suggestion, please see this FAQ:

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