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mikelegoddard latest PSI scan
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scan finds 4 insecure programs. After clicking the first box, program checks for upgrades missing: produces a list of 8 updates required ( on original try was 9 updates); after 1/2 minutes ,my HP compaq closes down, & then goes thro the restart procedure to desktop screen.

Each subsequent attempt follows the same pattern, including after doing rescans.

current % is 91 - vs 96% before PSI 3.0 update

Mikele (UK)

This user no longer exists RE: latest PSI scan
Secunia Official 17th Jul, 2012 13:09
Apparently you have 4 insecure programs but require 8 updates. Can you please explain that a bit further? Are you referring to Microsoft updates? Which exact programs are you having trouble updating?
Then you say that your computer closes down, is it due to Microsoft updates that require you to restart? Or does it close down automatically?

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