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showtime33 msxml4.dll missed
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msxml4.dll needs to be version 4.30.2114.0 , if it is online for ms12-043

secunia did not show this on my pc's


ddmarshall RE: msxml4.dll missed
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I suspect PSI is relying on WIndows Update to detect if KB2721691 is installed. However, this only works if MSXML 4.0 SP3 is installed.

Question 16 of the MSRC webcast dealt with what Microsoft thinks should happen:

But, the MSXML 4.0 SP3 Release notes stated that SP3 would not be installed automatically and there are reports that it hasn't been. See comments in

I would expect PSI to report earlier versions of MSXML 4.0 as end of life.

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Maurice Joyce RE: msxml4.dll missed
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This file is certainly showing in PSI,as it should,if MSXML 4 SP3 is installed correctly.

This shot is taken from Windows 7 SP1 using PSI version

Not sure why it appears to be missing from CSI.


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