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lymanp Multiple PSI 3.0 issues
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I do not know if others have run into these issues:
1) PSI keeps telling me to update Opera 11.x when I have updated to Opera 12.x since it came out a few weeks back.
2) issue with Mozilla Firefox update. During the update the Opera icon on my desktop was deleted and replaced with a Firefox icon. Probably a Firefox updating issue but this has never occurred previously with other Firefox updates.
3) PSI tell me to manually update Crimson Editor, when I click on Update Manually I get a message saying the product is no longer supported. But PSI does not remember this and keeps telling me to manually update the software.

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Maurice Joyce RE: Multiple PSI 3.0 issues
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1. What path does PSI give U for Opera 11?

Open PSI>once open select Show Programs.
U will now see a page full of programme icons.
Right click on the icon that represents the programme in error>select Show Details - that will open a box showing the path & version number of the offending file.
U now have 2 options:
a. Write down the exact file path & install version - return to the Forum & type that information.
b. Take a screen shot & publish that.

2. Sorry - no idea about that issue.

3. U are correct. This versions does not appear capable of differentiating between Totally Secure - Fully Patched but Vulnerable - Update Available - End of Life.

If U are happy to retain an End of Life programme U can always create an Ignore Rule.

Open PSI>Activate "Show Programs">From the list of Programme Icons that appear right click on the programme(s) you wish to ignore & select "Ignore Updates To This Program"

The icon will be moved from the main list & recreated at the bottom of the page under the heading "Programs That Do Not Receive Updates".

Any programme in this category can be returned the the main Program List with a right click & selection of "Don't Ignore Updates To This Program".


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lymanp RE: Multiple PSI 3.0 issues
Member 22nd Jul, 2012 16:09
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Many Thanks for the quick reply.

Regarding issue 1), the details show it is pointing to a backup folder I have of my USB drive where I have that version of Opera for USB!

Issue Resolved.

Regarding issue 3), showing End of Life (or something similar is fine with me.

Thanks Again
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