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Manko10 PSI 3.0 interface bugs
Member 5th Aug, 2012 13:49
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Hi there,

I've been using PSI 2.x a lot in the past, but was never really happy with it. It did it's job very well, but the interface was horrible, i.e. ugly and slow. Then 3.0 beta came and I thought I might give it a try, but it wasn't any better. Actually, it has become even worse I think (at least in terms of performance). Therefore I uninstalled it again and used UpdateStar for a while, but that wasn't really great either.

So now I'm back for PSI. I must say I really love the simplicity of the new interface, but also really appreciate that you have implemented a more advanced view as well which wasn't there in the beta versions. Great job so far.

However, PSI 3.0 is the very slowest program I've ever used. Yes, really! Even slower than PSI 2. And it's interface has horrible bugs. Which should really be fixed.

First bug: When the program is busy (i.e. when it checks for updated programs in the background, performs a scan etc.), the cursor is constantly flashing very fast between the normal cursor and a "busy" cursor (i.e. a normal cursor with a little spinning wheel attached to it, not the "unresponsive" cursor). This is extremely annoying.

Another interface bug are missing icons. The entries in all the menus (i.e. right click menu as well as e.g. the Community or settings menu at the bottom) have little squares with a dot in the middle to their left which look like a typical "broken image" icons.
There are also additional borders around checkboxes in menu entries which are pretty superfluous and look very ugly.

Yet another bug is jumping text on mouseover events. When I hover over the menu names in the bottom bar with the mouse, the text jumps up a little. This might be intended behavior, but it looks like something broken.

On the other hand, PSI could well use some decent hover effects such as changing the text color or background when hovering over the program list. Currently nothing happens visually when going over the list with the mouse, which produces a very bad user experience since it makes me feel like the program was unresponsive (which actually isn't the case, of course).

And last but not least yet another bug: when the program needs to open a browser (e.g. to display further information, direct me to a setup file or open the forums etc.) it always launches Google Chrome, but my default browser is Firefox. This is clearly better than opening IE, but it should really open the default browser instead.

I hope you can address these bugs in future releases (as well as tweak the overall performance of the program).


Manko10 RE: PSI 3.0 interface bugs
Member 5th Aug, 2012 19:00
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Actually the Chrome browser part was my fault. After setting Firefox again as my default browser it works now.
The other bugs are still valid, though.
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This user no longer exists RE: PSI 3.0 interface bugs
Secunia Official 6th Aug, 2012 13:56
Thank you for taking the time to report this.

If you have any questions specifically for Secunia Support, then please let us know at

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