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e1haskins2 Unable to update CSI 3
Member 11th Aug, 2012 18:40
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I cannot update ( or even start ) CSI When I browsed this forum for the last 20-30 minutes every users was listed as "deleted user", now the names are back but I still cannot start CSI 3.0.

I have been using CSI for a VERY long time.
Virus Scans are clean on my end.
Virus total shows nothing in the latest version's executable.
I uninstalled and then reinstalled with no resolution
My firewall is not blocking connections to your websites.
I run it with the elevated (admin) prompt

The only message I receive is this, after about a 45 second timeout:
"Unable to retrieve PSI user ID from secunia.

Please Verify that you are able to connect to and then restart the PSI

Note: Proxy Support for the PSI is currently unavailable, but is planned for a future release....."

The tray icon does appear but trying to update it still fails
I am NOT behind a proxy at this time.


Maurice Joyce RE: Unable to update CSI 3
Handling Contributor 11th Aug, 2012 19:11
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Last edited on 11th Aug, 2012 19:33
The Secunia Server has thrown another "wobbly".

They have got the Forum working again but not PSI.

I assume U are talking about PSI V - CSI 3 is very old & is now at version 5 stable & 6 BETA.

EDIT 1830 hours BST

After tests it looks like all versions of PSI are now running & scanning.


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
IE & Edge Only
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e1haskins2 RE: Unable to update PSI 3
Member 12th Aug, 2012 18:40
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Yes you were quite right I meant PSI 3 not apologies. Everything seems to be working now, thanks for the update
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guit30 RE: Unable to update CSI 3
Member 13th Aug, 2012 05:43
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CSI repeats should be on "on Demand".;
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