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virtualguy 64-bit Version?
Member 13th Aug, 2012 22:44
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I have tried running the scanner in Waterfox (Firefox compiled as 64-bit), but it doesn't work. Is the Secunia OSI 32-bit only?

Maurice Joyce RE: 64-bit Version?
Handling Contributor 13th Aug, 2012 23:29
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I note you have been asking this question for some time & Secunia Support have not responded.

Waterfox is not a supported browser nor is it clear that a 64 Bit browser is not supported.

On that basis,I tried a scan using OSI using:

Windows 7 SP1 64Bit
IE9 64 Bit
Oracle JAVA 7 update 5 64 Bit.

Every thing loads correctly but on pressing the start button nothing happens.

A second test on another test PC using all 32 Bit works perfectly.

The conclusion is that OSI is not supported in the pure 64 Bit mode. Given the time you have spent waiting for an answer from Secunia I would contact their support at to confirm our findings.

Hope this helps.


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
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This user no longer exists RE: 64-bit Version?
Secunia Official 14th Aug, 2012 11:10
We have just updated the OSI system requirements to make it clear that only the 32 bit versions of the listed browsers are currently supported.

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