Forum Thread: Does the PSI scan PE Headers?

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zenerd Does the PSI scan PE Headers?
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If so, isn't relying on this data making PSI scan results inaccurate?

If seems as if there is a range of applications that the PSI cannot scan (GIMP, as I recall).

Does the PSI rely on these methods?

If so, how do you compensate for inaccuracy?

This user no longer exists RE: Does the PSI scan PE Headers?
Secunia Official 15th Aug, 2012 14:20
The PSI looks at the actual files on the drive and their meta data. This makes the PSI able to detect programs that may not be present in Ad/Remove Programs or in the registry.

I have just installed GIMP 2.x and not noticed any issue. On my test system it is correctly detected. If you see any issues, please let us know. And if a program is not yet detected, please send us a software suggestion as described in the FAQ:

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