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comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.x

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comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.x

Secunia comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.x
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Vulnerability report: comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.x

jackelerwon RE: comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.x
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I see no threads about comdlg32 Active Control 6x

I have this on my pc, It comes to me from the torque game engine instalation.
The only problem i see is ,that the installer makes a zombie install to the program files/torque folder, and acually puts the file in the system32 folder. Every time i start the game engine to work on my game, the engine trys to acces the internet, I have it blocked in my firewall. I dont see this as a threat ,I trust garage games as a respectull company. but since i found this install i will post a thread in the T3d private forums to find out all i can about the activex controler.

If anyone in here can enlighten as to what the file acually does it would be most apreciated.

Thank you
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ddmarshall RE: comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.x
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Comdlg32.ocx (Common Dialogs) is part of the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime - see

Not to be confused with comdlg32.dll which is included in Windows.

The Visual Basic Runtime needs to be updated to resolve an issue with Common Controls (comctl32.ocx). You cannot do this yourself. The application needs to be reissued by the developer with the updated runtime.

According to Microsoft SRD, you can use EMET to protect the application until a fix is available from the developer.

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