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WBenJ111 Cannot update MS updates
Member 26th Aug, 2012 20:07
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I have just reverted to PSI 2.00.03 since version 3.0 leaves too much to be desired. I have Win XP sp3 Home and when I scan the results show that I need to update Win XP sp3 Professional and I can not do that. This was a problem in the past that was cleaned up but reared it's ugly head! Additionally the most recent scan revealed that I needed some other Windows updates, 1 for IE 8, 1 for MSXML4X and 1 for MSXML 6x. When I went to MS update and downloaded those updates they would not install. Can someone help my resolve my problem?





taffy078 RE: Cannot update MS updates
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Hi Ben. I have a similar problem with MSXML 4X and MSXML 6x and posted a thread, as below.

I've just popped in to see what Maurice Joyce has suggested I do on that thread (I got an update email from Secunia). I thought I had some spare time - it's a holiday weekend here in the UK (= cold, wet and windy, as usual!) but I now have to pop back out again.

I imagine that Maurice will have posted the solutions here - he rarely fails to deliver - but I haven't looked at it yet:

Hope it helps you. If it doesn't, I bet he'll come here to help you.

Going back out now.

Multi-edits: correcting wine-fuelled typos!

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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