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julio991 Tray Icon doesn't stay
Member 1st Sep, 2012 03:46
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I am trying to figure out why I am unable to access this program from the tray unless I shoow it on the taskbar. PSI used to stay in the notification box where I could bring it up to scan or access the program without having to have it displayed on the taskbar. Now it just disolves into cybersppace and in order to access it I have to reopen the whole program from the start menu because I am unable to open from the tray. Never used to run like this. I am using Windows 7 x64.

I use windows 7 X64 and I believe Secunia is working fine except unless I run it where the tray icon is set to always show I am unable to access it otherwise. Task Manager states Secunia is running but when I click customize to get to my tray icons I can't find Secunia and when I do find it in the list of tray icons where you can set to show or hide them it states that Secunia is not active at this time but it is running in Task Manager. So why won't the tray icon stay accessible unless I have it showing? It used to stay in the little box, not showing, but also not hidden.

This user no longer exists RE: Tray Icon doesn't stay
Secunia Official 3rd Sep, 2012 12:36
If you would like us to troubleshoot this issue directly, then you are welcome to contact us at You should then be able to include any screenshot that may help explain the issue. In any case, please state which version of the PSI you are using and also if you have set the PSI to not start with Windows. If so, that could explain why the tray icon does not show up, and why it disappears when you close the PSI.
julio991 RE: Tray Icon doesn't stay
Member 3rd Sep, 2012 18:08
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I'm using PSI 3.0 and I have it set to start on Boot so like always it should start and at least stay in the Notification box so I can access it if I have to. I don't want a cluttered taskbar full of icons so I keep most things to only show notifications. I guess I'll just wait and see if it keeps hiding itself or if it remains accessible without me having to do the whole Task Manager thing. Thanks for at least replying.
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