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claykin Poor behavior with V3.0.0.3001
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V3.0.0.3001 likes to indicate "you have programs that require manual updates" however as soon as I open PSI, it auto updates these insecure apps. Apps like Acrobat, Flash, Java, etc. All security updates that should be applied automatically with no user intervention.

These apps auto update with no user intervention as soon as I open the PSI GUI. Why don't they auto update on their own like with older versions of PSI? Users don't want to be forced to open the GUI. Most just won't bother, leaving their system vulnerable.

YES, I have the auto update box in PSI checked. And, yes this occurs on more than 1 system. Actually it happens on every PC I've installed PSI V3.0.0.3001.

This should be corrected. Or, will I get a another puzzling reply from a moderator like I did to this thread?

This user no longer exists RE: Poor behavior with V3.0.0.3001
Secunia Official 11th Sep, 2012 15:09
This is to let you know that we are currently investigating the issue. Thank you very much for reporting it.

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