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NickInCo Click to Update remains at "updating"
Member 13th Sep, 2012 22:15
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I'm using PSI V 3 and I've been trying to update the following:

OpenOffice 3.x
Oracle Java JRE 1.7.x
Oracle VirtualBox 4.x
Sun Java JRE 1.6.x

I click the "Click to Update" link and it then changes to "Updating". It's been 8 hours and no change. I have no idea what is going on or if anything is even happening. The feedback in V 3 is horrendous. I've looked in the forums, but didn't see anything. My apologies if I missed something, but any help is appreciated.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1.


Maurice Joyce RE: Click to Update remains at "updating"
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1. Is there a reason that you have two versions of Oracle JAVA installed?

2. As you correctly observed the updating issue is reported by many on the forum - may be better to complete the tasks manually.

3. Bearing in mind that version 3 is not an upgrade to version 2 have you considered reverting to either version 2 or 1 both of which remain supported.

If required,the links to various alternatives are below my Signature Block.


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NickInCo RE: Click to Update remains at "updating"
Member 13th Sep, 2012 23:50
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Thank you for your quick reply, it is really appreciated.

I'll reply to each of your points.

1. I did not intentionally install two versions of Java. There must have been some package that installed the Sun version and another that installed the Oracle version. I have not had a chance to look into this.

2. I searched for the "hanging" install, but found numerous references to adobe products, but none with regard to the 4 above. Thank you for verifying it is the same problem

3. I will in fact revert to Version 2 in the near future. Just wanted to give V 3 a test drive.

I'll just update the packages manually. Thanks for you help.
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