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When I use the OSI on my laptop it says "1 error detected" with scan and status is :null.
Then the scanner stops. When I used it the first time it said I had various Adobe players that needed patched updates and I started to download and run them.
I ran a few, then returned to the OSI to check. That's when this error occurred. What caused it how can I fix it please? Thanks.

Welcome to Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI)
Scan Now
The Secunia Online Software Inspector will inspect your operating system and software for insecure versions and missing security updates. A default inspection normally lasts 5-40 seconds, while a thorough inspection may take several minutes.

Detection Statistics:
0 Programs Detected in Total
0 Insecure Versions Detected
0 Updated Versions Detected

Running For:
0 minutes, 0 seconds

Errors with the scan:
1 Error Detected

Scan Options:

Enable thorough system inspection
Display only insecure programs
Status / Currently Processing:

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Secunia Official 17th Sep, 2012 12:16
Most scanning issues with the OSI are related to Java not functioning correctly in the browser. To solve it you can go to Ad/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and completely uninstall Java. Then go to and install the latest version. Then the OSI should function correctly again.

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