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samtav Incorrect behavior of external harddrive scan and update function
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I'm running PSI 3.0 on a Windows 7 and had an interesting issue.

A while ago my system hard drive started to fail, so I replaced it with a new one and put the failed drive in a external casing to retrieve files when needed, this also includes the Windows files and its binaries of installed programs.

On the new system disk I installed windows 7 and had a fresh go. Then i installed the PSI 3.0 and began to migrate files from my previous system drive.. PSI started to scan the external hard drive and found (correctly) old versions of binaries. What I think is incorrect behavior is PSI 3.0 started to "update" these binaries by installing the latest version of the programs on my new system drive. Suddenly I had Java runtime environment, Chrome web browser, Piscasa etc installed which I didn't have on my new system drive, simply they were on the external drive on a old - not used Windows installation.

I believe the combination of having old binaries, with external drive scan and automatic update causes incorrect behavior of PSI 3.0.

The assumption PSI makes is that if the binary exists in either internal or external drive - it should be updated, even if it means installing the program when it isn't installed on system drive. There should be some validation made to see if the given binary actually belongs to the current Windows installation or not.

Now I cannot connect the external drive without starting the installation of a bunch of programs which I don't want, the solution of course is to inactivate the automatic upgrade during the time when the external drive is connected but I doubt that this behavior is what was intended when developed.

This user no longer exists RE: Incorrect behavior of external harddrive scan and update function
Secunia Official 24th Sep, 2012 09:44
You are correct that you can mitigate this issue by deactivating auto-updating of your programs. Alternatively however, you can also choose not to scan your external drive. This is done in the PSI in Settings->Scan individual drives.

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