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MikeWarner Google Chrome Frame
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I have the latest version of Google Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer ( installed on my computer and it appears that PSI interprets that as having the Chrome Internet Browser installed (which I don't) and has begun indicating that it needs updating. I have auto-update enabled in PSI so it tries to update it but because I don't have the browser installed it can't and gets hung up in a cycle of repeatedly "Updating" and "Verifying Update". I tried uninstalling and re-installin PSI to no avail.

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Secunia Official 28th Sep, 2012 09:44
It could be that we need to update our detection rule for Google Chrome. Can I ask you to send us a software suggestion for the Chrome plug-in you have installed? In the comments, please include a link to this thread.

If in doubt about how to send software suggestions this FAQ entry should help.
Anthony Wells RE: Google Chrome Frame
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Hi ,

Just to confirm that I have observed this anomaly for a very long time and remarked on it several times .

To me it is an advantage as I use the Dev Channel version of the Browser which is not displayed by the PSI . The Stable verion of the Frame plug-in (a fairly complete folder when compared to the Browser) displays and thus gives me a reference for my installed Browser , including the "secure browsing" display (PSI

The Frame and Browser versions are often out of sync but usually converge (normally in a few days) ; this is obviously a potential problem when auto-updating is enabled - I personally never enable it without "prompt" ( in versoin 2.0.x of the PSI).*****

The Frame is found by default in Program Files and the original default for the Browser is Documents & Settings ; however , many systems will load the Browser in Program Files (depends on a selection of/within the silent Google(Auto)Update) . Secunia should look into allowing both default locations for the Browser , this is a known problem with PSI auto-updating in general .

Personally , as the "Google silent Auto-Update" for both the Chrome Browser and Frame plug-in are extremely efficient and seldom cause hassle , I think that the PSI should not try to auto-update either of them but only offer a manual update and be particularly aware of the dual default location . otherwise that could/will put the PSI in conflict with the embedded Google updater .

****EDIT : Just seen this in the latest PSI 3.0 version release notes :-

Added option to select not to download updates automatically but only be notified about them and then decide which to download and install

This may well resolve a part of the problem . I would recommend selecting this option to all PSI users for all Browsers

Look forward to comments from Secunia .

Take care



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