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mogs Maybe of interest
Member 3rd Oct, 2012 12:45
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I came across the following article today...which I thought might be of interest to forum members :-
OCTOBER 02, 2012
Security startup launches first 'exploit blocking' program
ZeroVulnerabilityLabs claims its ExploitShield stops malware from exploiting a wide range of software vulnerabilities -- even zero days

By John E Dunn | Techworld
Silicon Valley startup ZeroVulnerabilityLabs has made available a free program it claims stops malware from exploiting a wide range of software vulnerabilities regardless of whether these flaws are publically known or not.

Available now in a beta version for consumers and non-profits (the business version requires a license), ExploitShield Browser Edition is designed to be "install and forget," the company said.

Once installed, the software named 17 applications as being protected, including the most common and troublesome ones such as Adobe Reader and Flash, Java, Microsoft Office, various browsers and a number of video players. Others may be added in future.

Security innovations pop up from time to time and this one represents a lateral approach to what has become a major - possibly the major issue - for consumers and businesses alike; how to secure PCs when software flaws crop up on an almost daily basis.

The overwhelming majority of Windows malware attacks now hook into common flaws as a way of infecting their targets with many automated using commercial exploit kits serving attacks from compromised websites. Patching is one answer but this can be exhausting. The number of flaws has become a major overhead even for single consumers.

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profvanniks RE: Maybe of interest
Member 9th Oct, 2012 10:01
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Thanks for the information. I will test it. I was just wondering to what extent they provide added value to the internet security suites of major security vendors. For example, the Total Security Suite of Panda Security has TruPrevent technology that blocks proactively attacks. Norton Symantec has the Defense Layer Protection & Sonar technology integrated in their product. So, I was wondering if they really could provide an additional value.

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