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texasfred Google Earth not showing update
Member 7th Oct, 2012 19:33
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Google Earth has been updated removed reinstalled and Seucnia still says it is the old 5. version not 6 that has been installed

mogs RE: Google Earth not showing update
Member 7th Oct, 2012 23:03
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The problem you seem to have is referred to here :-

Yet you are "saying" that the older version has been removed.....or is that an assumption on your part ?
If it hasn't been removed.....can you do so manually by following the file path ?

Regarding the updated version 6 not showing : I'm really not sure at the moment....a few users on the forum are reporting some programs as having "disappeared" from their Scan Results.....myself included......Google Earth being one of them.....the problem referred to in the latter part of the following :-

Not much help perhaps, but a possible explanation ? Regards.......

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Anthony Wells RE: Google Earth not showing update
Expert Contributor 8th Oct, 2012 21:50
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Hi texasfred,

As I have not lost my Google Earth version from the Scan Results display of the PSI version ; it is detected twice in Program Files and System 32 folders . So it would be useful to know which version of the PSI you are using and where it is detecting your GE 5.x .

Have you run a full scan and/or rebooted since your ltast install of GE 6.x ??

I no longer have the GE plug-in ffor Firefox displaying anywhere and do not remember when last I saw it .



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This user no longer exists RE: Google Earth not showing update
Secunia Official 9th Oct, 2012 09:18

As the other users have written, please look for the installationpath of the specific program. In case you don't know how to do it through PSI, you can take a look at the following entry in our FAQ;

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