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tbresson Schduled Scan
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I'm using the lastest PSI and I was wondering how often it scans my PC? It seems people think it's about once a week. This seems odd to me since Secunia is all about patching insecure software - why wait a whole week?

I get updates for my software daily and I would want the PSI to scan my PC at start-up or at least have to option to. I relealize some might think it's annoying if their PC is a bit slow or have a limited Internet connection.

Does it make any difference on the scan wether or not you have auto-install or manual install enabled? I tried to auto-install and found out it ruined my Google profile so I switched to manual and use the help menu instead. Hopefully it doesn't affect the scan timing.

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Secunia Official 12th Oct, 2012 11:42
The PSI will start a scan automatically if 7 days have passed without a completed scan. The settings in the PSI should not affect its scanning frequency. Feel free to scan manually as often as you like.

As you have mentioned it might become annoying for some users if the PSI began to automatically scan at each Windows start-up. But if enough users would like such a feature, then we will certainly consider adding it in a future release.

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