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pjop123 unable to update MSXM 4.x
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Please fellows, can someone help me about why I cannot receive update on Microsoft XML Core Services(MSXM4.x) ?

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Maurice Joyce RE: unable to update MSXM 4.x
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Firstly, it is important to note the VERSION NUMBER currently installed which PSI gives in the vulnerability report because there are three possible solutions.

Solution 1
If PSI gives a version number starting 4.2 or 4.1 that indicates that the very old MSXML 4 SP2 or even older SP1 is installed which must be MANUALLY upgraded to MSXML 4 SP3 as follows:

Click this link

Once open activate the clearly marked download link called MSXML.MSI - 2.3 MB.

Once installed run Windows Update - there are some additional patches for MSXML 4 SP3.

On completion PSI will show MSXML 4 as secure with version 4.30.2114.0. after a full PSI rescan

Solution 2
If PSI reveals the path to be 4.3 that almost certainly indicates that the latest Windows Update patch is not installed correctly. Run a Windows Update scan - if that reveals nothing try a manual update using this link:

Solution 3

If MSXML 4 SP3 BETA is installed ensure it is fully removed prior to using Solution 1. The Release Notes (link below) refers.

After any full PSI rescan the Scan Result Page should show this for MSXML:

A few Q & A's

1. Is there more reading on MSXML 4 SP3? Yes - click this link

Please note this SP was released before Windows 7 was produced therefore there is no mention of compatibility - it works flawlessly with Windows 7 on both 32 & 64 Bit systems

2. I have run Windows Update & it does not show MSXML SP3 is required - what do I do?

The upgrade from MSXML SP2 to SP3 was never part of Windows Update - it must be completed manually.

Hope this helps.

Update 1 18:15 19/10/2012


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pjop123 RE: unable to update MSXM 4.x
Member 19th Oct, 2012 20:02
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Thank you Maurice, your reply help me resolve the issue.

Good job!
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