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"I've got the latest anti-virus and firewall !!"....."What else is there ?"......doesn't seem to be the next (question),logical leap, in a growing cyber threat awareness. In fact it's oft where the story ends it stagnates in a seemingly common misconception that " if it mattered"....the OEM or Security provider would be doing it....patching that is. There's often a hole in the understanding from the beginning.
I was very lucky when I got my first computer (not quite silver nor late developer !!), about four years trying to familiarize myself with so many aspects of it; I just happened to stumble across Secunia psi.....even a few users in my family, and extended: ( sociological term ! ) hadn't, or were.nt able, to enlighten me.
It was fortunate too, then, that I discovered the forum.
Whilst I read with interest your blog....because of it's placement on the Secunia site....I found myself wondering if it were designed to preach only to the converted; or would be seen elsewhere(?).....again it would seem more co-ordination is needed between OEM's....anti-virus/firewall providors etc., and Secunia and the subject of patching.
Maintaining Secunia's integrity and impartiality must, it seems to me; tend towards a kind of separatism and not closer co-operation/lliason with other vendors in getting the message to the fore ( psi free with etc) it's very nature.All else seems to be a possibly unacceptable slow pace of education !!
I have nothing but praise for Secunia's efforts and provisions.....every month of the year !!
Thankyou for the opportunity of engaging in the "conversation "......regards........

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