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pupu Firefox ESR wrongly detected
Member 27th Oct, 2012 10:12
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My Firefox ESR is wrongly detected as Firefox 10 and marked as EOL. I've doublechecked path and version, because it didn't happend before. Maybe it is because Firefox reached version 10.0.10 (wrong regular expression? :-) ) PSI 2.0, WinXP

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D0618 RE: Firefox ESR wrongly detected
Member 28th Oct, 2012 06:24
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The Secunia psi program has failed us in this case. This is a great program but if you go to the help about tab you will see Firefox 10.0.10 is up to date. Here are the current advisory pages on Mozilla Firefox. Secunia I ask you to fix your error ASAP. Thank you.

If you notice that both versions have the latest fixes. Firefox 17 is due in November. I am not certain yet if Firefox 17 ESR which will be the next version is due in November as well. Also, check this out on Wikipedia as well. I could go on but it would be pointless.

Green = current version of 16 of Mozilla Firefox which is supported
Yellow = former version of 10 of Mozilla Firefox which is still supported
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drbob12 RE: Firefox ESR wrongly detected
Member 29th Oct, 2012 14:32
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I have the same problem. There seems to be an error in the Secunia update files. It correctly identifies my installation being 10.0.10, the latest version available, but still states that it is at the end of life.
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This user no longer exists RE: Firefox ESR wrongly detected
Secunia Official 29th Oct, 2012 15:29
We have just updated our version rules. Please rescan with the PSI and let us know if the issue has been fixed.

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