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Claude Martin Not Updating Virtualbox and MySQL
Member 28th Oct, 2012 00:34
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It remains at "updateing". i restarted the system but it's still the same. it doesnt reaport any problems, it's just stuck.
I guess I can install the updates manually.

System details:
Windows 7 SP1

MySQL installed:
MySQL latest version in PSI: 5.5.28

Oracle VirtualBox installed:
Oracle VirtualBox latest version in PSI: 4.2.0

PS: It's a bit annoying that PSI ignores the system settings about the default web browser any always uses Internet Explorer.

This user no longer exists RE: Not Updating Virtualbox and MySQL
Secunia Official 29th Oct, 2012 14:41
If you follow this entry in our FAQ you should at least be able to locate the exact files detected by the PSI and see the versions that are detected. That might shed some light over the issue.

This FAQ entry should help you regarding your browser.

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