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rbanchak PSI's Recent Inability to Fix a Couple Specific Problems
Member 2nd Nov, 2012 22:21
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I have been struggling for many weeks now in trying to resolve challenges with removing the "errors" pertaining to the Microsoft Removal Tool: Blaster/Nachi as well as an update for Oracle Java JDK 1.7x/7.x. I have tried everything that Secunia recommends, multiple times with "no joy"! I have even totally uninstalled Java and reinstalled it multiple times with continued "no joy"! Similarly, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool with similar, negative results.

Additionally, each and every time I even bring up Secunia over the past many weeks it slams my system almost a total stoppage. Everything slows down to a totally unacceptable creep when the Secunia window is open ( ? ).

I am running a Windows XP OS system with the most recent Secunia version.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Maurice Joyce RE: PSI's Recent Inability to Fix a Couple Specific Problems
Handling Contributor 2nd Nov, 2012 22:47
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What path is PSI giving you for Oracle JAVA?



From the DASHBOARD page click on SCAN RESULTS.

1. This will list all your programmes with a + to the left of each programme.
2. Click the + sign next to the item that U want help with.
3. This will reveal the path under DETECTED INSTANCES.
4. Below DETECTED INSTANCES you will see this You can double click this row for additional information & options>double click it>a box will appear>look to the RIGHT & U will see TROUBLESHOOT REPORT in BLUE writing under the heading TOOLBOX> click TroubleShoot Report & it will reveal some information in a box>highlight the information revealed from ---START--- to ---END--- & copy it (CTRL+C) then post it to the Forum (CTRL+V)

This version does not have such an easy method to publish the path.

Open PSI>once open select Show Programs.
U will now see a page full of programme icons or a list.
Right click on the programme in error>select Show Details - that will open a box showing the path & version number of the offending file.
U now have 2 options:
1. Write down the exact file path & install version - return to the Forum & type that information.
2. Take a screen shot & publish that.

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Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
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rbanchak RE: PSI's Recent Inability to Fix a Couple Specific Problems
Member 2nd Nov, 2012 23:40
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I thank you in advance for your assistance. Upon right clicking on the "Programs that need updating" I see the File location to be at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\blastcln.exc. Trust me in that I have deleted the blastcln.exe file from my computer many, many times and it keeps coming back.

Additionally, I have totally uninstalled and then systematically reinstalled all the all Oracle Java programs and still see a Secunia error at C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_07\bin\javac.exe.

Any ideas?

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SteveSecunia14 RE: PSI's Recent Inability to Fix a Couple Specific Problems
Member 3rd Nov, 2012 04:36
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Reboot your pc into safemode.
log on to your account.
Do a search for the File: blastcln
Set up the search results as follows.
Click on All files and folders.
where it says: (All or part of the file name) type in blastcln
where it says: (Look in) select My Computer
where it says: (More advanced options put a check mark in:
Search system folders
Search hidden files and folders
Search subfolders
Click on search.
After the search has finished. Delete all files found. Then empty the recycle bin.
Run a PSI full scan.

You'll should have no more problems with MSRT Blaster/Nachi and Secunia.
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