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joe53 Unusual Secunia PSI "polymorphic virus" alert
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I had an alert pop up in my lower right screen on my Win7 Pro netbook today at about 05:30:
Something to do about Secunia PSI scan detecting (or being detected as) a polymorhic virus on this system (no details, and the alert did not last long enough for me to do a sceen capture).

The thing is, I had no PSI scan scheduled to run today, and in any event was not even aware PSI had the ability to detect viruses. I have not even used this netbook in many days, and keep all Windows and third party programs well patched. This is a well-protected system that has never been compromized.

I immediately ran all my real-time security scans (MBAM Pro, MSE), HitmanPro, and PSI 2) which all scanned clean. My system continues to work normally, so this is obviously a false positive.To be honest, from my brief reading of the alert, I'm not even sure whether PSI or another of my security programs generated this alert.

I post FYI only. And also because I have no idea whence this alert came from.

This user no longer exists RE: Unusual Secunia PSI "polymorphic virus" alert
Secunia Official 14th Nov, 2012 10:49
Last edited on 14th Nov, 2012 10:50 The PSI does not try to detect malware of any kind so the pop-up you got must have come from some other program on your computer. Perhaps that program has a log of events where you can see what has been detected. If you believe the detection is a false positive then you can upload the detected file to a service such as to get it thoroughly scanned.

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