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WarningU2 Unable to open requested URL - FIX IE9 X64
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Just wanted to update the people that posted the solution in the above thread - that they were right and I was WRONG but I can't update that thread because it is now locked. So a new thread for the update and apology.

As soon as I added the http shell open command key ... voila. links from secunia open

I added it back to root classes simply by exporting my htmlfile\shell\open\command entry in classes_root as fix.reg

Then I edited it and changed first entry to http, saving and then doubleclicking fix.reg updated the registry. Then going into secunia ... all the links now work.

Easy Peasy. Didn't have to reinstall IE or upgrade. And note my IE 9 was already the default browser. It was just missing this key likely because I had installed and deinstalled chrome at soime point.

Thanks for your help Maurice and Anthony. Again sorry if I didnt believe you.

Best regards

Steve Warner

Maurice Joyce RE: Unable to open requested URL - FIX IE9 X64
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The important bit is that you are now fixed up. Your other thread was auto locked after 7 days without any input from users.

Thank you for posting back.


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