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Secunia Official 13th Dec, 2012 16:32
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Dear all,

Two questions have been brought up that I feel are relevant to answer here:

One user has reported that he was not able to log in to the Secunia xSI console, and that he was stuck with the red "loading bar" and was never logged in properly. This was an issue at our end, which has now been fixed.

Some users dis not have a Secunia username, which we need (together with your email address) to give you access to the Secunia xSI. If you do not already have a Secunia Username you can create a profile at:

Please let us know here on the forum or via, if you experience any problems, and we are more than happy to help.

Stay Secure,
Morten Stengaard

jdpalo1pr RE: Log in
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Hi...after reading the email where I received the link to the console I tried to log in using the information I provided (user name/email address) and got kept saying username was incorrect...I created a new profile with a new password and STILL have not been able to sign in to the console...

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Secunia Official 18th Dec, 2012 16:15
Please note that your username needs to be whitelisted. I suggest you contact and include the username you would like to use. They should then be able to make sure that your username has been correctly whitelisted.

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