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daabm Feedback on the web interface
Member 20th Dec, 2012 22:38
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Hi all at secunia. Since the xSI User interface is the same as PSI, here's some feedback on the web interface - mostly of course it sounds like criticism, although the site over all does a really good job!

- loading time is veeeeery long...
- login does not work with helper
- all elements could leverage an "alternate text" tag for ease of understanding
- new computer: "Access requested" is misleading, I think. "Requires approval" would fit better.
- Green/Red icons for new computers: No visible indication they are clickable, no feedback when clicked - until the site suddenly refreshes
- marking/unmarking a computer lasts at least 5 seconds, again no visual indication computers can be clicked
- takes a long time to prepare a collection of selected computers
- if all computers are selected and I want to see only one, I have to deselect (and wait...) all others.
- a summary view WITHOUT all "ok" programs would help to identify scores below 100% - typically, I'm most interested in programs NOT being up to date or programs contributing to my lower score for whatever reason.

Don't give up, there's always room for improvement ;-)) And given that this is a preview: Well done, very well!

And for the curious on interface design:
The original site has retired back in '99, but nothing they mention is wrong. Some things are real fun ;-))

regards, Martin

M.Stengaard RE: Feedback on the web interface
Secunia Official 23rd Dec, 2012 12:21
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Thanks Martin,

Very good inputs. We will have a look at each of the items you mention and see what we can about it. Thnaks once again,


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