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David12846 Firefox update
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I see another thread with probably the same _very_ recent problem has been locked. My PSI (version 2) also said Firefox 17.X was end-of-life. When I open Firefox (Help>>About Firefox), it shows version 18.0 . I took a closer look at the PSI error. The file PSI reported was:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox.bak\firefox.exe , version 17.01..4715

I noticed the folder was the BAK folder. I strongly presume this is Firefox's back-up folder. I hesitated to run the firefox.exe file in the BAK folder, but I did. Firefox did want to update that instance of firefox, Firefox would not restart it to update it, even when all other instances of firefox are closed..

I now presume the files, including firefox.exe, in the BAK folder should be left the way they are. Is that assumption correct? And should an exception be made in my PSI to ignore this folder?

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